Platanias: Peacefulness and Relaxation

 Peacefulness and relaxation are 2 key components that everyone seeks for when on vacation. In Yasmyr Villas we offer you many peaceful and relaxing activities. Whatever your taste is you will for sure find something worth trying or experiencing.

  Spa: A relaxing spa in combination with a massage is something that many tend to prefer on their vacation. The relaxation aura can also be combined with essences as well as sunbathing options on many of the spa that can be found in the area.

Spa relaxation - Vacation Chania- Yasmyr Villas
Spa relaxation - Vacation Chania- Yasmyr Villas: Avilash behera, Spa interiors, CC BY-SA 3.0

   Platanias is also very famous for other relaxation activities that can easily be done in the area. Running and hiking give you the necessary relaxation, as there are countless spots for running and hiking in nature. Platanias, as well as the neighbouring areas are full of beauty and lush vegetation thus making hiking and running a unique experience.

Many tourists are also choosing cycling as a relaxing experience as they can explore even more distant places in the surrounding areas. Bicycles can be easily rented at low costs in the vicinity near Yasmyr Villas giving you the necessary body training as well as the relaxing experience of biking in nature.

  For the more advanced and energized travellers we recommend to pick an activity close to the sea, which is literally  a breath away from Yasmyr Villas. Jet Ski, Parasailing, a boat ride near Thodorou island are only a few of the options that you can do on Platanias sandy beach. Even a relaxing sunbathe is a very common option for many tourists as the unobstructed sea views and the view over Thodorou Island is enough to make you feel tranquil and relaxed.

Also, if you combine it with a romantic dinner on the beach, the result will for sure be unforgettable. There are many dining options in the area, as Yasmyr Villas lies on one of the most touristic advanced areas of Chania prefecture, thus giving you all the elements for an unforgettable vacation. 

Thodorou Island: Platanias: Yasmyr Villas
Thodorou Island: Platanias: Yasmyr Villas