Platanias Vacation: 3 Alternative Things to do

Platanias Vacation, a place to be! Platanias is one of the biggest tourist attractions in the region of Chania. Lots and lots of hotels, studios, restaurants and shops are there in order to accomodate guests having their vacation. A visit to world famous beaches and archaeological sites is on top of everyone's list, however we, at Yasmyr Villas, present you some unique and alternative things to do nearby. Not only will you avoid the tourist crowds, but you will have an added value to your whole experience.

A Walk up Until Drakiana

In a close distance from our luxury villas in platanias we can find Drakiana settlement. In a distance of approximately 3 kilometers from Platanias town centre is the abandoned settlement of Drakiana. There are plenty of signs showing you the way, which is very famous amongst tourists and nature lovers. We could say that it is a top choice for those who love long walks in nature, or want to stay fit.

Drakiana is located south in comparison with Platanias and it follows the river banks of the famous river Keritis which flows out in Platanias sea. Along the way you can admire many plane trees, Keritis River and be in touch with Cretan flora and fauna. On your way to Drakiana you will also see an ancient byzantine church and 1 kilometer ahead you will have reached a cosy, nice river bank restaurant bearing the same name as the village Drakiana.

We heavily insist on enjoying a quick refreshment there, as the place is full of plane trees and you can hear water from the neighbouring river adding to the whole experience. We recommend spending an afternoon of your vacation days in this free small walking journey.

Platanias Vacation - Olive Groves with Thodorou Island - Yasmyr Villas
Platanias Vacation - Olive Groves with Thodorou Island - Yasmyr Villas

Wander around the olive trees.

Crete is one of the biggest producers of extra virgin olive oil in Greece. On top of the mountains near the vicinity of Platanias you will see many olive groves that during spring and summer months have flower blossoms which is a unique scenery.

We recommend that you spend time walking in the mountains south of Platanias, or going to the village of Platanias which is on the hills south of the central square. You will get the chance to go off the beaten paths, in non touristy areas and blend in with the locals. You will then get the chance of knowing what Crete really is, its dimensions, the agricultural sector which our island is proud of , and also see the hospitality of people first hand.

Explore the wineries.

Olive oil may be one of most known export products, but our island is also extremely proud of our wines. Especially at higher altitudes, our island’s microclimate is so unique that makes Cretan Wines of exceptional nutritional value and taste.

Near Platanias area you will find many Cretan Wineries that will be more than happy to welcome you and serve you a sip of the wine they produce. By this way, you will experience our islands wine production, you will get an exceptional wine tasting experience in Crete and also you will see our region agricultural infrastructure from a very close perspective.

Famous wineries very close to Platanias are Manousakis winery and Karavitakis Winery . We recommend that you take a car and enjoy a worthy whole day road trip to Chania Mainland in order to visit the wineries stated above. By this way, you will get the chance to explore many villages of Chania and learn the traditional Cretan way of living. The further you drive inland, the better!

We, at Yasmyr Villas, always look forward to covering all your needs for luxury accommodation in Platanias and Chania. Our staff will be at your disposal if you need any further assistance with exploration, traveling tips and anything else concerning your vacation stay!

Platanias Vacation- Walk around Platanias area: Sunflower Blossoms- Yasmyr Villas
Platanias Vacation- Walk around Platanias area: Sunflower Blossoms- Yasmyr Villas