How many villas does the complex have?
Our Villas complex comprises 3 separate luxury villas providing you with all the amenities for a pleasant luxurious stay.
How far away are the shops, restaurants and the beach?
All of the above lie in a close distance from our villas. You can walk to any place of your interest within 3 minutes.
Is airport transfer possible?
Airport transfer, as well as any kind of transfer can be easily arranged with our Villas staff.
Is Platanias safe?
Platanias is considered amongst the busiest tourist travel attractions of Chania. Therefore shops, restaurants, tourist traffic as well as authorities are always on duty.
How far is the beach from the villas?
Yasmyr Villas are only 100m away from the sandy beach of Platanias, making it easy going there even on foot!
Do the villas have a private swimming pool?
All of our 3 villas are equipped with a private swimming pool.
Do you have parking space?
All of our 3 villas have private parking space next to them.
Can I cook in the villas?
All of our Villas are equipped with a fully functioning kitchen with everything necessary for a delicious meal.