4 Nutrient fast foods to make on your vacation!

Yasmyr Villas are a complex of 3 luxury villas situated in the center of Platanias, one of the most organized tourist areas in Chania. They all offer an organized kitchen with an oven, cooking facilities and utensils in order to make your own food during your vacations in Chania. In this blog we will recommend you some nutrient fast foods that you can make easily in our luxury villas in order to taste them as a lunch, or take them with you on a nice small journey. When we say fast food, we don’t refer to the unhealthy junk food eaten by many people, but rather a healthy, nutrient food option that you can make fast and easily.

Fruit Salad

A fruit salad is a comprehensive complete food that you can make in our luxury villas and require little attention in order to be an excellent snack for the whole day. We recommend that you use some Cretan Products such as some native bananas (smaller and more tasty than the ones you used to eat) and also some Avocados from Chania. Yes, Chania is a very big producer of avocado fruit, producing the biggest number of avocado’s all over Greece. You can also add some apples and pears into the fruit salad, as well as some Cretan oranges for an all round healthy and nutrient food snack. You can also apply a natural sweetener on top for a better taste and texture. We always recommend to our customers the famous and tasty Cretan Honey.

Fruit Salad- Yasmyr VIllas Platanias
Fruit Salad- Yasmyr VIllas Platanias dnm, Fruktsallad (Fruit salad), CC BY-SA 3.0


Dakos is very famous as a healthy starter dish to many Taverns and households in Crete, especially in the summer. You may have seen it in numerous Taverns and it is so easy that you can make it in our luxury villas as well. It is a complete food, full of healthy fat, nutrients and vegetables enough to keep you full and energized through the whole day. You will need fresh vegetables, mainly tomato, herbs such as pepper and oregano, and optionally some peppers or olives. Main ingredient of dakos is the dakos bread which is basically dry- double baked Cretan rusks, which can be found in every super market or local bakery on the island. Another crucial ingredient is Mizythra Cheese which is a healthy cheese very famous in Crete, made primarily by goats milk. It is a soft white creamy cheese that is consumed fresh, has a low shelf life, it's full of nutrients and low on fat. You can also add extra virgin olive oil as well as whatever ingredient you prefer for a fast and complete nutritional breakfast, lunch, dinner or a snack eaten throughout the day.

Traditional Cretan Dakos- Cretan Food- Cretan Fast Food- Yasmyr Villas Platanias
Traditional Cretan Dakos- Cretan Food- Yasmyr Villas Platanias

Graviera with Honey

Another great alternative, and a healthy dessert eaten by the locals in the past is Graviera Cheese with honey. It is a healthy dessert full of useful nutrients and healthy sugars capable enough to provide you with necessary energy without chemical additives in order to have a healthy local snack. Graviera cheese is a special yellow hard mature cheese that Crete is very famous for and it's made primarily by sheep milk as well as with goat milk. It has a hard and salty texture and is a wonderful combination with Cretan Honey. You can make sticks of Graviera Cheese and combine them with pure cretan honey in order to make a balanced healthy dessert for the whole family.

Traditional Cretan Graviera- Yasmyr Villas Platanias
Traditional Cretan Graviera- Yasmyr Villas Platanias- PRA, Fromage de Crète (Graviera), CC BY-SA 3.0


Α Cretan delicacy that can complement and be combined with all the fast foods we already recommended is Kavroumades or Kavroumadakia. Those are small circular hard baked rusks that can be found in every traditional Cretan bakery on the island. They are made with flour and regular -black sesame seeds making them a nice side dish. They can be tasted alone, or complement one's dish as they have an almost neutral taste that makes them ideal either for salty meals or sweet desserts. They are crunchy, healthy and with an original recipe with no artificial food flavorings, coloring's and additives. They are called Kavroumades- Kavroumadakia and they have no exact naming in English, but we are certain that by asking every baker about those small -donut shaped- crunchy rusks you will get the necessary ingredient to eat it on its own- or as a combination with the foods we proposed above.

Some last thoughts

By choosing to make your own -fast- food you can rest assured that whatever you eat is healthy and was prepared in a suitable manner. If you decide to try any of the things that

Yasmyr Villas proposes that you will get to taste local cuisine, healthy and fresh Cretan ingredients and also have the feeling that you made something the way locals tend to make it. You then can enjoy Crete’s food culture and their healthy and authentic way of living!