Lakes of Chania: 2 Lakes to Visit

When doing your luxury vacations in Chania you may never thought of the lakes of chania. And this is why there are plenty of things to do and see around the vicinity. Crete is one of the places that are very well known for its beauty, it's sunny beaches, the hospitality of its people and many, many more. However, there is an increasing number of people that want to combine their stay in luxury villas in chania with alternative, informative and prototype things in the vicinity. Lakes around the vicinity of Chania can be a great alternative for people seeking something special when on Chania.

Crete: A lake Overview.

Generally speaking, Crete is an island, so it has scarce water supplies, and not many lakes. However there are plenty of rivers that spring from our huge mountain ranges, especially Psiloritis in Eastern Crete and the White Mountains in Western Crete. As far as Lakes on Crete, the island doesn't have an abundance of lakes, however there are some options for nature lovers that can make an ideal half day relaxing journey over our island’s lakes. We will primarily focus on the Chania and Rethymnon prefecture, which are the areas closer to Yasmyr Luxury Villas.

Lake of Kournas: Our island’s biggest lake.

The pinnacle of our island's lakes is the Lake of Kournas. It is the biggest and most well known lake of Crete, and receives a big amount of people every year. It is near the border of Chania and Rethymnon and approximately 50 km away from Yasmyr Villas. The area is full of shops, restaurants by the lake as well as water bicycles which you can rent at a fair price, making it an ideal excursion for families. Lake of Kournas has also some bird watching facilities, and is an ideal place for nature lovers, as well as for those who like to walk,as you can circumnavigate the lake's perimeter.

Lake of Agia: A breath away from Platanias.

Lake of Agia is the most well known lake that we have in the prefecture of Chania. It is in a very close distance from Platanias and from Yasmyr Villas. It is an ideal hanging spot for tourists and locals, especially on the weekends. This lake is smaller than the lake of Kournas, but it is home to many endangered species of flora and fauna as well as some migrating species of birds, making it an ideal spot for bird lovers as well. There are many lookouts where you can see the wildlife,and also a nice walking path for those who like to circumnavigate the whole perimeter of the lake.

The Lake of Agia is not natural, but was builded on purpose in an area full of vast vegetation and undercurrents in order to facilitate a hydroelectric powerstation in the middle of the 20th century. The currents of this lake were forced through this hydroelectric factory that turned the water turbines in order to produce electricity back in the day. The hydroelectric power station is in a very close distance (1km) from the lake and occasionally works as a museum, making it an ideal opportunity to visit them both at once.

For the more adventurous, we suggest that you visit Lake of Agia from Yasmyr Villas on foot. The distance is less than 10km, making it an ideal workout, and more importantly a very nice foot journey across nature. If you like to do it this way, you can extend the route that we talked about already from Drakiana settlement and following the signs you will get to Lake of Agia in less than an hour.

Lake of Agia: Chania- Lakes of Chania- Yasmyr Villas Platanias
Lake of Agia: Chania- Lakes of Chania: Maraki83Agia lake 8CC BY-SA 4.0

Valsamiotis Reservoir: How we preserve water.

In a very close distance from Lake of Agia there is the Valsamiotis water reservoir. This is also an artificial establishment that was constructed during the last decade in order to preserve water from rain, rivers, as well as snow that melts through the White Mountains in order to provide water for irrigation into many of our valley's cultivations. Valsamiotis reservoir at its peak can handle over 6 million m3 of water, and because it is in an elevation compared to the original land, you will get the opportunity to admire our cultivate lands, our mainland valleys, as well as see original Crete and Chania from a non tourist perspective.

It is ideal to combine the visit to Lake of Agias and Valsamiotis Reservoir by car, where you can reach them both in less than a 30 minute drive. Shops, cafeterias and many renowned restaurants are there for you to discover, making it a half- or even a full day excursion- if you also combine many of our mainland villages.

Final Thoughts.

It is safe to say that the lake of Agia, and the lake of Kournas will indulge you in a relaxing mood and you will also learn much information about our islands environment and fauna, especially birds that migrate into those lakes microclimate. Especially in the winter, where we may have more snowfalls you may experience more lakes and wetlands, but we focused on the lakes - wetlands of Chania - Rethymnon that you can explore and admire all year round! We suggest that you rent a car and enjoy our island's beauties at your own pace!