Journey to Balos: 3 Crucial information

Balos lagoon lies 53 klm away from the city of Chania and it is between Tigani Peninsula and the west side of Cape Gramvousa. It is clearly obvious that Balos is not only a beach, but also a natural wonder that is being present in hundreds of Card Postals and its being admired yearly by thousands of tourists.

There are mainly two ways you can reach Balos. The first way is to embark in any of the small boats that are doing organized trips from Kissamos port up to the beach. Prices are a bit expensive, but you will get the chance to admire the cliffs of Cape Gramvousa, to swim in crystal clear blue waters of the “Tame Gramvousa” island and also visit the island’s fortification.

Another way to come to Balos is by car, using the road. You have to drive up until Kaliviani Village, and you will follow the gravel road that starts there. After approximately 8 klm you will end up at the parking lot that leads to the beach. In 2012, the municipality of Kissamos established a dubious toll paying system on this road. In order to get to the beach you have to pay 1 euro extra per person.

On the end of this road lies a Canteen and also the descending footpath that leads to the sea. Although the uphill road on the way back is a bit tedious , the overall hike is relatively easy, lasts approximately 20 minutes and is worth the try.