Cretan Cuisine - The 4 core products!

Cretan Cuisine is for centuries considered a healthy cuisine, part of the Mediterranean diet. Fresh pure ingredients, lack of excess fat and cooking with raw Cretan local products lead to the successful recipe of the Cretan diet.

Ingredients found on Cretan Cuisine:

Olive Oil: It is one of the most famous products of the island, and is always present in every creation of the Cretan Diet. Extra virgin Olive Oil, carefully selected and in raw form is the ideal source of good fat for our body.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil- Cretan Cuisine - Yasmyr Villas Platanias
Extra Virgin Olive Oil- Cretan Cuisine: Poyraz 72, Oliven V1, CC BY-SA 4.0

Dairy Products: Cretan Dairy products  are a big factor in Cretan Cuisine. Our island is very famous for its local products, being made with love on our Cretan “Highlands”. Graviera (Yellow Hard Cheese), Mizythra (White soft cheese) and fresh goats or sheep milk are key ingredients of Cretan cuisine.

Graviera Cheese- Cretan Cuisine -Yasmyr Villas
Graviera Cheese- Cretan Cuisine -Yasmyr Villas- PRA, Fromage de Crète (Graviera), CC BY-SA 3.0

Spices and Herbs: Elements that elevate Cretan cuisine are the local Cretan spices and herbs that are cultivated in Cretan mainland. Fresh oregano, basil, rosemary and endemic herbs found only in Crete are used with respect and caution into many Cretan recipes.

Fresh Oregano- Cretan Cuisine Ingredients: Yasmyr Villas
Fresh Oregano- Cretan Cuisine Ingredients: Yasmyr Villas - Thomas Then, Oregano 1, CC BY 3.0

Cretan Spirits: Crete is a unique and blessed island. Many of the agricultural sector products that we produce are alcoholic drinks and wines.  Famous Cretan wines that we insist you try is the famous “ Liatiko” variety, as well as “Kotsifali” , whereas very famous is also the Cretan “Tsikoudia” or more widely known as “Raki”. A famous Cretan liqueur that is very pleasant to drink is “Rakomelo” being made in a specific way with raki and special Cretan Honey. 

Tsikoudia- Cretan Spirits: Cretan Cuisine- Yasmyr Villas Platanias
Tsikoudia- Cretan Spirits: Cretan Cuisine- C messier, Τσικουδιά 1780, CC BY-SA 4.0

What we suggest you try.

Many dishes of Cretan cuisine are famous due to the fine fresh ingredients and their distinctive way of making. We propose that you taste the famous Cretan “Dakos” with Cretan Cheese Myzithra, traditional “Antikristo'' meat, as well as the famous green - vegetables names “Vlita” and “Stamnagathi”. Except for being extremely healthy, you will be also shocked with their tastyness!

We welcome you to Crete!