3 Chania hidden gems you HAVE to see

Yasmyr luxury villas are situated in a central part of Platanias with a strategic position close to the town centre, beautiful sandy beaches and vivid nightlife. Yasmyr Villas is the perfect accommodation for those seeking private and relaxing luxury vacations and proximity to beaches, restaurants, and things to do in Chania. In this article we have found out 3 places that you can explore in order to enjoy Chania to the fullest. Furthermore, those free things to do in Chania allow you to save money and simultaneously have the necessary time to invest in quality alternative things to do.

Venizelos Graves

We recommend that you visit Venizelos Graves which is no more than a 30 minute drive from Platanias and luxury villas Yasmyr. Venizelos Graves is the resting spot for two of our nation's most famous politicians, Eleftherios Venizelos and his son, Sofoklis Venizelos. They are resting in peace in one of the most spectacular unobstructed view hills of our town. We recommend that you visit this spot during sunset.

You will get the chance of enjoying a panoramic view of the whole city and avoid tourist crowds as Venizelos Graves is mostly a place that locals go in order to have a relaxing picnic while sightseeing.

There is a huge park with cupressus trees for you to relax and also a nice romantic orthodox church where you can admire its architecture. Because of this hill’s (Prophet Elijah Hill) spectacular views there are numerous cafeterias nearby in order to finish your walk with a spectacular view of the city at dusk. To summarize, this is one free activity that you can do in Chania that combines lovely views, history and places of national interest in a very close distance from Yasmyr Villas.

Chania- Venizelos Graves
Chania- Venizelos Graves : Leonidas7812, Chania from Venizelos tombs, CC BY-SA 4.0

Ride through Therisso Gorge.

Another alternative infamous for tourists is to visit Therisso Gorge. Therisso Gorge is a gorge very close to Chania town centre on its south side and combines lust vegetation, impeccable nature and its ideal for nature lovers and those who like alternative physical activities. Most people pass through Therisso Gorge by car, as there is a road that gets you through the gorge on a slightly uphill route. Alternatively, you can cross Therisso Gorge on foot from the same road as you do by car. You can leave your rental car on the side of the road in the beginning of the gorge and walk uphill up until Therisso Village.

The duration of the walk through the gorge can last from 1 up to 3 hours and it has mild difficulty. You will get awarded with stunning views of centuries old plane trees as well as the rocky terrain of Crete’s mainland. Most possibly you will see herds of sheep and goats during your hike, as this area is full of shepherds, making it an alternative activity where you get to see real and authentic Crete.

After the exhausting hike you will finally reach Theriso Village with an altitude of approximately 600 meters. Therisso Village is another picturesque village of Chania mainland and there are many taverns, shops, and even a cheese making factory where you can taste local Cretan dairy products. It is an excellent alternative for tourists in Chania as this village is mostly untouched and you can see untouched nature in its pure glory. Not only that, but Chania town centre is in close distance, making it a nice side activity or a small afternoon journey for everyone.

Chania: Therisso Gorge: Things to do in Chania
Chania: Therisso Gorge: Things to do in Chania . Jerzy StrzeleckiTheriso1(js)CC BY-SA 3.0

Exploring Chalepa district.

For those who are exploring Chania town centre we have another beautiful alternative to share. Chalepa is a district only 3 km east of Chania and it was the region where embassies, schools and large leather processing factories were established back in our hometown’s past. This district best uncovers our island's long history as many of the buildings are mansions and manors suggesting that this area was of high value in the past.

You can reach Chalepa by car, or if you are an avid walker you can get there also on foot. There are many abandoned mansions, and many reconstructed mansions that you can admire the architecture of the past and also many small coves for you to sightsee, and see Chania Venetian Port from a distance. Many taverns with sea views can be found in the area, making it a nice romantic scenery away from tourist crowds. This also makes it a perfect place to see authentic Chania and blend in with the locals and their culture.

Chania: Chalepa Area: Eleftherios Venizelos House- Museum : C messierΟικία Βενιζέλου Χανιά 8441CC BY-SA 4.0

A small Hint

We, at Yasmyr Luxury Villas strongly advise you to wear sport running shoes and enjoy our town’s centre on foot. Being almost completely flat, it is a perfect place for outdoor hiking activities. We believe that this is the best way that you can explore the city and admire all its hidden beauties.

Another hint is to have a picnic in one of the places we suggested. All the hidden gems that we proposed in Chania have amazing views and are easily approachable making them a perfect spot for a picnic. You can make an easy, fast, cheap and authentic Greek snack in order to enjoy your journey even more.

We at Yasmyr Villas, believe that the best things you can do on your vacation sometimes come free, so we suggest that you indulge in free alternative activities in Chania. Not only will you save money, but you will get to see the authentic culture, scenery and people of Crete!